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Biometric Voter Registration and Verification System

EKEMP VotecID™ System

VotecID™ is an extensible and customizable identity enrollment, identity issuance, identity verification application and management system developed by EKEMP team. It allows a variety of tasks to process, edit, search, retrieve, and store biometric templates and voter identification information. It simplifies data collection and card issuance, creates a national database of verified voter data, and includes tools to manage and maintain this data.

The VotecID™ system supports Multimodal Biometrics

• Fingerprint Recognition technology

• Iris Recognition Technology (optional)

• Face Recognition Technology (optional)

• Other biometrics (optional)

multimodal biometric

The main technical features of VotecID™

Software modules can be customized and configured freely.
Integrated multi-mode biometrics ABIS/AFIS technology to handle voter rechecking/cleaning.
Support various card printing, encrypted barcode generation, smart card reading and writing operations.
Algorithms and software and hardware technologies support ISO/IEC, ANSI,ICAO, FBI, NIST and other standards and protocols.
Comprehensive reporting and data logging.
Flexible architecture maximizes system performance and efficiency while reducing system stress and downtime.
It can be customized to support a variety of terminals and hardware modules, operating systems, compatible with a variety of database.
Information security protection measures include strong data encryption,faulttolerant architecture, and disk Mirroring, automatic database backup, disaster recovery, etc.

VotecID System Include


VoterID™ Registration Application


VoterID™ Central Management System(ABIS/AFIS)


VoterID™ Card Printing


VoterID™ Verification

biometric voter registration system

Voter Registration and Verification Process

We specialize in large-scale biometric voter registration and verification, a central voter management system, integrated hardware and software solutions, electronic voting systems, and results management systems.

biometric voter registration system

Download Datasheet

voter system brochure

EKEMP VotecID™ Brochure in English

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