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Installation Training

Employee Training

A comprehensive training program will be designed for newly appointed staff, providing training in the basic skills and the ability to access the respective system. EKEMP is your partner for successful application of all technologies!

Customer Training

The EKEMP service team takes care of comprehensive training programs for customer staff. The general goal of this step is to provide an operator with adequate knowledge to use the systems and installations effectively.


The sustainability of every biometric system benefits from professional maintenance and support.

EKEMP employs support professionals with a variety of qualifications and experience for the entire product portfolio. The purchase of EKEMP products and installations entitles the customer with excellent international support service.

biometric product maintenance
biometric project management

Project Management

EKEMP provide a first-class Project Management requires professionals working with well-developed plans, guarantees advanced Project Management terms to meet and exceed ambitious goals.The EKEMP project managing methodology creates a clear framework. Realized with the modern and comprehensive Project Management tools–at the beginning of every process there is a precise overview of all activities that must be completed.

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