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Shortage of The Mobile Internet Supplies Industry


The difficulty of
update and bulk download for the applications


The difficulty of
application management
and configuration


The difficulty of
information collection and monitoring


The chaos in
application distribution
and affiliation

Based on the experience getting from mobilized area, EKEMP technology has a deep understanding to the whole industry and customer. Under the development of cloud platform and Ali cloud, our company provide a set of one stop digital and information solution-mobile device manamgement solutions to our partners.

mobile device management solutions

MDM Introduction

app manage1.png
APP Store

Indivisualized APP store,break up traditional dilemma situation

  • App Upload: Self-developed APK or third-party APP can be uploaded and then issued upon backstage review. The application uploaded can be issued through this channel or through all channels.

  • APP List: The application of this channel can be uploaded or unloaded. It supports manually uploading it on the shelf and automatically uploading it on the shelf.

Data Center

Well operated on the backstage and information visible all the time

  • My Machine

  • Machine Map

  • Machine Application

  • Device Lifecycle

System Customization

Custom-made on demand and unified management

  • My Boot Animation

  • Kiosk Mode

  • Default Boot App

Remote Management

The equipment under the account can be grouped. Through backstage, you can, in a remote manner, disable and restart the device, install or unload software, distribute files, acquire logs

  • Remote Record

  • Remote Lock Clear

  • Location Management

  • Device Configuration

  • Geo-Fence

Device Management

Flexible equipment circulation and precise and speed record

  • Device Binding

  • Device Presentation

  • Gift & Acceptance Record

  • FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air)

Account Center

Allocate operating authorization and optimize the application management

  • Company Information

  • Personal Information

System Advantages


One-stop Management Save Time and Money


Simple Operation Steps and Easy to Use

数据 (1)1.png

Digital Management and Visual Data


Work with Alibaba Cloud to Make It More Reliable

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