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SIM card registration

SIM Card Registration

Automated Biometric Identification System for SIM Card Registration

With the introduction of prepaid SIM card, this low-cost and convenient service has attracted the vast majority of users. But the potential anonymity offered by the prepaid model also attracts people who intend to use their mobile phones for fraud, crime and even terrorism. As a result, governments have moved quickly to require operators to introduce SIM card registration for all their subscribers. Some of these countries conduct biometric searches as part of their registration process.

EKEMP provides an anti-counterfeiting SIM card registration and identity verification system. We combine mobile SIM cards with biometric technology with electronic identification functions. By using our ABIS software and system, not only can you know your customers( KYC ) and verify their identity.

Biometric Enrollment Terminals for SIM Card Registration

EKEMP's biometric terminals are portable and rugged, and the telecom company can register his KYC details (such as valid ID, photo and biometric data) and verify the identity in real time before the customer activates the SIM card of the mobile phone.


H5 Biometric Terminal

The H5 brings a state of the art capability for biometric enrollment, verification, and identification. 

  •  FBI Certified Suprema Fingerprint Scanner

  •  Iris Scanner Available

  •  Built-in Contact/Contactless Card Reader

M8 Biometric Tablet

The tablet M8 is equipped with versatile modules with high capability for various identity project needs.

  •  FAP20 500DPI Suprema Fingerprint Scanner, Live Detection

  •  Iris Scanner Available

  •  Barcode Scanning Supported via Camera

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