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Automated Biometric Identification System


Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS)

EKEMP ABIS(Automated Biometric Identification System) is used for large-scale biometric verification and deduplication, and supports fingerprint, face and iris multi-modal biometrics.

Its highly modular architecture makes it easy to get solutions tailored to your business processes.

ABIS solution is suitable for large projects such as national identity card and social welfare, border control, elections (voter registration and verification), criminal investigation, finance etc.

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Multi-modal Biometrics

EKEMP's Automated Biometric Identification System is designed for a variety of biometric recognition methods, including iris, face and fingerprint. This further improves the accuracy of the system and provides additional biometric information for people with poor fingerprint data quality (e.g., fingerprint wear or loss).

Fingerprint Recognition
fingerprint recognition

Our AFIS can compare millions of ISO fingerprint templates per second to achieve fast 1:N matching and deduplication.

Face Recognition

Our face recognition engine is extremely fast and accurate. It can find a person with more than one million faces in less than a second.

Iris Recognition

Can accurately check the iris, matching up to 25 million eyes per second.

System Features

High-speed, high-precision recognition of multiple complex biometrics.
High availability and compatibility, easy to integrate.
Easily integrate biometric functions into any Windows/Web and mobile applications.
Extensible modular system structure can be customized according to project requirements.
Updatable, changes to biometric data can occur continuously without delay or restart.
Our ABIS workflow application is easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere using a secure web interface.
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