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Biometric e-KYC for Banking

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Biometric e-KYC for Banking Management System

As banks digitize, the use of biometrics in eKYC has become an important part of their strategy. EKEMP Biometrics has launched a cutting-edge biometric e-KYC solution tailored for banks, a comprehensive solution that combines multi-modal biometrics with advanced digital processes to streamline customer registration and card issuance to enhance security and compliance in the banking industry.

Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS)

Powerful Biometric Matching

ABIS performs fast 1:N biometric matching using advanced algorithms for de-duplication and authentication.

Multi-modal biometric registration

EKEMP ABIS supports multiple biometric modes such as fingerprint, iris scan and facial recognition to provide security and accuracy to the eKYC process.

Efficient identity verification

With EKEMP ABIS, banks can quickly verify the identity of customers during the eKYC process.

Enhanced security and data privacy

 EKEMP ABIS prioritizes security and data privacy. Biometric data captured during the eKYC process is securely stored and encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

Identity Management Platform

Powerful Identity Management

EKEMP's robust identity management system enables banks to ensure the safe storage and management of sensitive data.

Seamless Integration

EKEMP's identity management platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing banking systems and infrastructure.

Centralized Storage

Centralizing data with the EKEMP identity management platform helps banks simplify data access.

Advanced Search Features

EKEMP's identity management platform enables banks to efficiently retrieve customer information based on various criteria.

Identity verification system

Biometric Registration Kit


EKEMP-biometric-vehicle-registration-management-system (BVRMS) -enhancing-security-efficiency -kit

Vigobox II

EKEMP-biometric-vehicle-registration-management-system (BVRMS) -enhancing-security-efficiency -kit II


Fingerprint Scanner

HD Camera

Iris Scanner

Document Scanner

Signature Pad

Receipt Printer

Instant Card Printer

4G Dongle

Solar Panel

Power Station

All-In-One Biometric Tablet






Receipt Printer

Instant Card Printer


Solar Panel

Power Station

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