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EKEMP Introduces Contactless Biometric Facial Recognition Terminal

Under the urgent need of epidemic prevention and control, EKEMP launched a new contactless biometric facial recognition terminal EF800, which is based on the latest AI deep autonomous learning hybrid biometric algorithm. It has ultra-high performance and super capacity, built-in binocular camera and infrared temperature measurement module based on thermal imaging, and supports face recognition and live body detection to quickly perform non-sensing temperature and identity verification without contact in the whole process.

contactless biometric facial recognition terminal

Real Time Temperature Detection and Mask Recognition

At the moment of the epidemic, wearing masks and body temperature detection have become people's daily needs. Wearing masks brings certain challenges to face recognition. To solve this difficulty, EKEMP has upgraded the original recognition algorithm to meet the new needs of face recognition. Personnel can pass safely and quickly while wearing masks. In the actual measurement, when the person wears a mask, the EF800 can still recognize the face at a speed of less than 0.3s, and the recognition accuracy is 99%. At the same time, it can also screen whether the person is wearing a mask, which can meet the daily detection needs.

In addition, EF800 contactless biometric facial recognition terminal has also added an infrared temperature measurement module. Through the contactless face recognition method, non-contact temperature measurement is performed without affecting the recognition efficiency. When the human body temperature is ≥37.3°C (adjustable) , The device issues an alarm. It can monitor body temperature in real time and push the front-end data to the server, providing effective data support for screening and tracing suspected patients and floating personnel.

Access Management

In addition to face recognition, body temperature detection and mask recognition, the access mode can be set by linkage with the gate, and the access mode of the gate can be controlled. People with abnormal body temperature and those who do not wear masks will be refused to pass, improve management efficiency, and ensure the orderly development of work and production during the epidemic.

contactless biometric facial recognition terminal

Background Data Monitoring

All the test data will be collected to the management background, which can upload the personnel temperature, traffic condition and abnormal (hyperthermia) alarm function in real time, and the data can be viewed at any time. Daily Department report statistics, convenient management, intuitive monitoring of personnel temperature status and whether to wear masks information, and data statistical analysis and tracking management.

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