The Electronic Ballot Marking Device Justy II is designed for quick, easy and secured voting process. Voter can easily vote by a simple touch.


Various Data Transfer Methods 3G/4G, Wifi
Long Lasting Battery provides more than 12 hours mixture usage working condition
Detachable Structure ensures safe delivery of the EVM and significantly reduce the delivery cost
Multiple Software and Hardware Encryption Methods
Offline solution for remote area and secured data back up
Physical result copy printing for double check and the voter can observe the result copy printing


Accurate Record

Instant and accurate recording by simple touch operation and the collation result could be double checked before uploading.

Verification Required

The electronic ballot marking device will require secured verification for the electoral staff and also the voter before getting accessed to the operating interface.

Easy to Use

Simple operation process and concise alert. Most of the process can move forward automatically. Simplified voting interface for quick and simple operation.


The electronic ballot marking device is designed to be physical and network isolated during voting process to avoiding intended interference. The result data will also be encrypted during uploading and back up.


Detachable design ensures reliable protection for the device during transportation, and the EVM is specially optimized for delivery to remote area. Large volume battery built for long time operation when limited power could be reached.

Transparent Process

Physical copy of the voting result will be printed and voter can review the physical result copy printing via the transparent window. Each result copy could also be checked and counted when voting finished.

Working Process

After voter passed info verification or authentication process, the staff will provide an activation identity card for he/she to unlock the voting interface, the voter cast vote on the EVM and both data record and physical copy will  be created. After election, the data will be recorded and upload to national or regional data center.


Voter Registration

Biometrics for numerous national registration departments.

Electronic Voting

Biometrics for numerous national registration departments.

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