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Electronic Voting

(E-Voting) System

Equiped the voting process with biometric enabled technology. EKEMP electronic voting(e-voting) system is a featue-rich voting system with flexible hardware options and reliable biometric verification and OCR ballot scanning tech to help our clients fulfill a legitimate election.

Addressing Election Needs Across the Election Cycle





Election Day




Our solutions can help election administrators carry out logistics and transportation, staffing, training to achieve a perfect election.

EKEMP offers specific solutions to meet customer requirements for the implementation and management on the day of an Election.

EKEMP provides solutions to ensure that all post-election activities are cost-effective and efficient.

Election Hardware Products

DRE voting machine

Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) Voting Machines

A DRE is a voting machine that has the following features:

  • Currently we recommend DRE Voting Machine, with a 13.3 "full HD, multi-touch display, integrated automatic paper-cutting printer, 1D/2D barcode scanning module, multiple smart card readers, fingerprint module, HD camera as face recognition, and built-in large capacity to replace the battery.

  • Available audio commands, a tactile interface, and a printer that cuts and drops under glass, generate paper audit trails that allow each voter to verify their vote independently.

  • It can be connected to a Braille keyboard, headphones or even a ballot box.

  • The voting machine design is modular in design, can be based on the election committee to add hardware modules and functions.

H5 Voter Identity Verification Terminal

H5 is a voter identity verification terminal that has these features:

  • EKEMP handheld biometric terminals H5 is a biometric verification device, carrying the FBI certification FAP20 standard optical fingerprint module, HD camera, and the smart card reader, 1 d / 2 d barcode scan engine, MRZ reader ,etc a variety of functions such as optional, aimed at helping election officials can verify the identity of voters on election day reliably, save and upload related data.

voter identity verification terminal

EKEMP Election Management System (EMS)

EKEMP can develop or assist in the development of an intelligent election management system (EMS) for the Election Commission. The task of managing elections has become easier and more efficient.


Election Management System

Voter ID Verification (VoteID)

Election Configuration

Candidates Management

System Management/Role Management

Results Management

Election Statistical Reporting System

Devices Management System

System Advanges

Compared with traditional paper voting, the main advantage of electronic voting is that it improves efficiency and reduces costs.
Electronic voting machines are easier to use, avoiding too many votes, insufficient votes or making wrong choices.
The DRE voting system is also easier to adapt to the blind or visually impaired and voters with limited mobility or limited power.
Electronic voting reduces the chance of voter fraud and improves the integrity of the election.

Download Datasheet


EKEMP E-VOTING Solution Brochure in English

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