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What is Multimodal Biometric Identification System?

Biometric technology is currently the most convenient and safe identification technology, including fingerprint, face, iris recognition, etc. The use of biometrics for identification is safe, reliable and accurate.

Single biometric technology

Each biometric technology has its own unique advantages, such as:

The advantages of face recognition are fast and "non-contact", which can greatly improve the response speed of the system while avoiding the hidden hygiene hazards caused by machine contact.

Iris recognition is unique in biometrics and has a high level of security. For other biometric technologies, iris recognition is a non-contact recognition of living organisms.

The advantage of fingerprint recognition technology lies in its early technological development, relatively mature technology, low false recognition and rejection rates, low product prices, and easy popularization.

There are also inevitable shortcomings, such as:

Fingerprint recognition technology is widely used, but if the finger is damaged or is in a wet or dry environment, the fingerprint recognition function will fail;

Human facial features are not static, and they are easily affected by light and other factors in the process of capturing images, which affects the accuracy of face recognition;

The distance at which the iris can be imaged is very narrow. If the user's posture is slightly wrong, it may not be able to collect a clear iris. At the same time, the recognition distance, complex light environment, eyelash occlusion, and irregular pupils will also affect the accuracy of iris recognition;

Since the recognition algorithm and method of each biological feature is relatively single, in order to achieve the best applicability, safety and convenience experience, a multimodal biometric identification system that integrates multiple biological features has emerged.

Multimodal Biometric Identification System

What is Multimodal Biometric Identification System?

Multimodal biometric identification system refers to the integration of two or more biometric technologies, using the unique advantages of multiple biometric technologies, and combining data fusion technology to make the authentication and identification process more accurate and safe. The main difference from the traditional single biometric method is that multimodal biometric identification system can collect different biological characteristics (such as fingerprints, faces, iris images, etc.) through independent or multiple collection methods combined into one collector. ), and identify and authenticate by analyzing and judging the characteristic values ​​of multiple biometric methods.

Nowadays, biometric identification is moving from single to multimodality. Single biometric identification can not support more and more complex and diversified authentication scenes. Multimodal biometric identification can realize the combination of face, fingerprint, finger vein, iris, voiceprint and other biometrics, so as to carry out more accurate identity authentication and centralized and unified system management.

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