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biometric driver license system

Driver License System

Multi-Biometric Identification Technology for Driver License System

In the past, metal, plastic or laminated driver's license cards to store biographical data only on barcodes, or to print or etch them only on cards, which were vulnerable to fraud, forged licenses and identity theft.

Using modern multi-mode biometric recognition technology to capture biometric data and store it on the driver license, can greatly improve the accuracy and security of maintaining personal data.

Multi-biometric Solution

EKEMP provides customized biometric hardware and software solutions for driving licenses. Our rugged mobile biometric devices include 8-inch and 5-inch handheld biometric devices, as well as 4-4-2 fingerprint readers for on-site identity registration and verification of officials and traffic patrols.


By obtaining the unique biometric characteristics (such as fingerprints, face or iris) of the driver's license applicant at the time of driving license application, relevant law enforcement officers of road traffic can reliably and accurately identify individuals at driving license test stations, border checkpoints, toll roads and police stations when necessary.

Identification (1 : N) and Verification (1 : 1) Modes

For identification, the applicant's unique biometric information is used to search for duplicate data in an existing database. This search, called a "1 : N" search, can confirm that the person does not have a driver's license or ID before issuing a driver's license card.


For verification, the information collected can confirm the individual's identity requirements. This search is called a "1 : 1" search and helps to determine that the fingerprint on the file belongs to the cardholder.

Using the Latest Technical Matching Algorithms to Fast Search  

Based on the latest matching biometric recognition algorithm, using complex and powerful identity search, processing thousands of images to find registered persons and finding duplicate driver licenses on existing images.

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