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Iris Biometric Scanner is Used in Different Usage Scenarios

With the development of information, science and technology, biometric technology is booming. Biometric technology is the use of human inherent biological characteristics, such as fingerprints, face, iris, voice, gait, etc., through the computer and optics, acoustics, biosensors and biostatistics and other high-tech means closely combined to carry out personal identification.

Compared with other biometric methods, iris recognition technology has obvious advantages in recognition, security, anti-counterfeiting, non-contact, stability and security. At present, iris recognition has been applied in many countries around the world.

Personal identity data collection is the premise of biometric technology application. For a variety of different scenarios, EKEMP launched the Iris Biometric Scanner M8, which has a wide range of application scenarios.

Iris Biometric Scanner

Product Introduction

Iris Biometric Scanner M8 is a handheld non-contact iris collector, small size, easy to use, suitable for people of different heights and ages, suitable for adults and children. It can be used by hand or on the desktop. It can easily integrate with various security devices through PC.

Product Features