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ID4Africa – The 5th Annual Meeting of the ID4Africa Movement

The 5th Annual Meeting of the ID4Africa Movement (ID4Africa 2019) was held by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), the Ministry of Home Affairs, of the Republic of South Africa on 18-20 June 2019 in Johannesburg.

The theme of ID4Africa 2019 was “Identity Ecosystems for Service Delivery.” This theme is meant to reflect the progress that has been made in reaching consensus on how to establish legal digital identity, and the next step in extending identity systems, as well as the need to motivate public support and participation by linking Identity to services to achieve full population coverage.

To develop identification ecosystems that enable quality service delivery in Africa, it is critical to engineer privacy by design features into ID schemes from the start. With virtually all ID schemes now involving some biometric modality for enrolment and identity verification, how to protect biometric data is a crucial consideration

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