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EKEMP is proud to participate in the ID4Africa 2023

​ID4Africa 2023: Uniting entire communities around the theme of identity at the forefront of digital public infrastructure. Dedicated to exploring the impact digital solutions may have on Africa over the next decade, with a focus on identity solutions for the current world to foster future innovation. The conference will focus on communication, learning and innovation, networking and innovative exploration, through intensive knowledge sharing, led by visionaries in the fields of digital identity, blockchain and biometrics, to explore how identity can be effectively used for sustainable development.

As a repeat exhibitor at the physical event, EKEMP is proud to showcase our latest secure identity registration and authentication solutions, all equipped with state-of-the-art biometric terminal hardware and digital identity technology. Offer innovative ways to keep your identity information safe.

​EKEMP invites you to participate in our ID4Africa 2023. This is Africa's only ID4D-focused international conference and expo, taking place from 23-25 May 2023. It aims to unite society as a whole at the forefront of digital public infrastructure.

Stay tuned to EKEMP for updates on identity issues related to ID4Africa 2023 in Africa.

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