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Electronic Voting
(E-Voting) System


E-Voting Solution

The EKEMP electronic voting (e-voting) system revolutionizes the voting process by incorporating cutting-edge biometric technology. This advanced system offers a wide range of features and flexible hardware options to ensure a seamless, secure voting experience for our customers. By integrating biometric verification technologies such as fingerprints or facial recognition, the EKEMP system ensures the legitimacy and accuracy of each voter's identity, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity and ensuring that only eligible voters participate in elections.

By equipping the voting process with biometric technology, the EKEMP electronic voting system sets new standards for legitimate elections. With its rich functionality, flexible hardware options, and reliable biometric verification and OCR ballot scanning technologies, the EKEMP system enables our customers to conduct fair, transparent, and efficient elections that foster trust among voters and stakeholders.


System Advanges

​The main advantages of electronic voting are increased efficiency

and lower costs.

Electronic voting machines prevent over-voting,

under-voting or making

the wrong choice.

DRE voting systems are also more easily adapted to blind or visually impaired people and voters with limited mobility or strength.

Electronic voting reduces opportunities for voter fraud and improves

election integrity.

EKEMP Election Management System (EMS)

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Addressing Election Needs Across the Election Cycle


Our solutions can help election administrators carry out logistics and transportation, staffing, training to achieve a perfect election.

Election Day


EKEMP offers specific solutions to meet customer requirements for the implementation and management on the day of an Election.



EKEMP provides solutions to ensure that all post-election

activities are cost-effective

and efficient.

Election Hardware Products


We currently recommend DRE voting machines, equipped with 13.3-inch full HD, multi-touch display, integrated automatic paper cutter printer, 1D/2D barcode scanning module, multiple smart card readers, fingerprint module, HD camera as face identification, and built-in large-capacity replaceable battery. Available audio commands, tactile interfaces, and a printer that cuts and drops under glass generate paper audit trails.PCOS machines can be designed to accommodate voters with disabilities or special needs. Features like large fonts, audio assistance, and tactile interfaces can make the voting process more convenient and inclusive.

DRE voting machine

Hardware modules and functions can be customized.

Can be connected to Braille keyboards, headphones, and ballot boxes.

Vote Counting Machine

The vote counting machine Accura is designed for a fast, accurate and secure vote counting process.

Its simple integration capabilities ensure support for all types of elections.

Download Datasheet


EKEMP E-VOTING Solution Brochure in English

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