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Biometric Banking

Multimodal Biometric Technology for Biometric Banking

Whether it is the traditional identity authentication method of "account + password" or the verification of identity through dynamic token, USBKEY, etc., there is a possibility of loss and theft to some extent, and it is impossible to determine whether the operator of the financial business is the user himself. Biometric technology has a series of advantages such as not being forgotten or lost, good anti-counterfeiting performance, not easy to forge or stolen etc, can just solve this problem. EKEMP provides multimodal biometric technologies including face recognition, fingerprint recognition and iris recognition to Know Your Customer.

Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint identification technology is one of the mainstream authentication methods used by mobile banking and bank branches. Based on this technology, users can complete remote identity verification and identity authentication when opening an account. The average identification time of users using fingerprint is only 0.2 seconds, compared with that of inputting password at least 2-3 seconds. In addition, users will not be unable to complete the transaction because of forgetting the password

Face Recognition

Face recognition system can be introduced into the self-service equipment. The photos collected on site are compared with the stored photos and ID card photos by using face recognition technology, and the face similarity value is provided. The staff can judge whether it is passed directly or manually according to the similarity value. Users can realize self-service card opening, business change, password reset and other personal services on the self-service terminal.

Iris Recognition

As the safest and most accurate biometric identification technology, iris recognition is generally used in treasury management and escort management. Iris recognition is used to confirm the identity of the in and out and escort personnel to ensure the safety of property.

Biometric Identification Terminal for Banking E-KYC Solution

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