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Soldier ID Card

Registration & Issuance

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Soldier ID cards play a vital role in the armed forces of many countries. Although soldier ID cards are designed to be highly secure authentication tools, there are still some potential security vulnerabilities that can lead to identity theft and data breaches.


EKEMP has launched a cutting-edge biometric solution tailored for soldier identities, a comprehensive solution that combines multi-modal biometrics with advanced digital processes to streamline registration and card issuance processes to improve security and functionality.

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Biometric Card Issuance System for Military


Card Design & Printing

The most common military ID card today is called a "Common Access Card" or CAC. 

EKEMP can customize common access cards according to different customer needs and use strong encryption technology to securely store sensitive data.

◆ Hidden Security: Further security can be added by using hidden features and state-of-the-art techniques such as holograms, watermarks or embedded security chips.


Card Perso Machine

Import feeder, Vision system,

Chip Encorder for ID cards, Barcode scanner,

Laser Module , Vision quality control unit

and ID Card output stacker available.


· Single or Dual Side Printing

· Lamination Module Optional



Key  Features


EKEMP’s TIIS is completely compatible with all card manufacturers’ existing production equipment and compatible with both type A and B contactless chips.


EKEMP provides personalized solutions to meet the requirements of customer authorities while ensuring international interoperability as envisaged

by ICAO and ISO.

Muilti-Modal Biometric

EKEMP’s TIIS includes full biometric functionality for multi-modal

biometrics elements: fingerprint,

facial image, and iris.

Automation & Efficiency

EKEMP allows full automation of the ID card personalization process, guaranteeing optimum production cycle and maximum efficiencies.

Training & Supports

EKEMP has an strong technical team with detailed support range from maintenance training, operation training, knowledge transfer etc.


Quick Identity Registration Process


Biometric Devices for Soldier ID Card


To address these issues, some countries are considering adopting new technologies, such as biometrics or digital ID cards, to improve the security and functionality of soldier ID cards while reducing the risk of forgery and fraud.
EKEMP provides high-quality biometric devices that can easily and effectively identify and verify identity information,
keeping all data secure and enabling positive identification.™-series.png

Rugged Biometric Enrollment Tablet

More optional configurations, more powerful performance

The instant card printer works wirelessly with the tablet.​​


Biometric Registration Kit VigoBOX II

More optional configurations, more powerful performance

The instant card printer works wirelessly with the tablet.​​


Rapid Collection & Verification
of Biometric Information

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