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RMA service


Warranty Information

Warranty Service

RMA Service

Before applying for RMA, please read and understand our warranty information. EKEMP provides free maintenance services for products manufactured and sold by our company when the product malfunctioned due to defective materials and parts or normal use while under warranty. If you are not sure about the product failure or the cause of the problem, please contact our engineers by email ( first for technical support. They may be able to find a solution that does not require sending the product for repair. If confirming that the product needs repair, please download and fill in the following RMA form, and then send it to our email. Please apply for this RMA number according to the procedure below:

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RMA Procedure

(1) Sending Request

Please fill the RMA Request Form with complete information about the product, including the model name, serial number and a description of defective cause. After fill all the information, please directly send to the, we will reply to you within 3 working days after receiving your application.

(2) Reply RMA Number

After receiving the request, if we confirm that the equipment is within the warranty period and there are quality problems, we will issue you an RMA number and provide a return address. Customers have to fill out the RMA request form with all of the necessary information, including the gotten RMA number as well as contact information and shipping address.

(3) Sending Back the RMA Item

The defective goods should send back to EKEMP within 7 working days after receiving the RMA number. Customer should mark the RMA number on the outside of the box or package and include all relevant shipping documents(RMA request form/ Invoice/ Packing).

  • (a) Customers are responsible for all shipping fees and insurance.

  • (b) If an RMA number was not applied beforehand, the RMA request form was not filled properly, or the RMA number was not marked according to the regulations, EKEMP has the right to return the RMA in its original packaging.

  • (c) Please keep original package or better protection packing way in order to prevent any damage during transit. EKEMP has     the right to reject and return the RMA as received in case the package improperly.

  • (d) Please include the related documents (RMA request form/Invoice/Packing list) in carton.

  • (e) After the RMA dispatched, please e-mail the related documents (Invoice/Packing List/airway bill) to EKEMP sales accordingly or to mail: and notify that the RMA has been sent in order to track and receive the product.

(4) Receiving the RMA Item

Upon receipt of the goods, EKMEP will check and file the actual returned item and then notify the customers.

(5) Testing and Repair

Repair and testing of the goods will be applied, and EKEMP will return the RMA as soon as possible within 14 working days after receiving it. If there are any problems that cannot be fixed with this time frame, EKEMP will notify customers as early as possible.

(6) Return the Item to the Customer

RMA goods will be sent back to customers at the address specified on the RMA request form.

EKEMP will not provide free maintenance services for the following situations (including but not limited to) while under warranty

(1) Products that are not manufactured by EKEMP.

(2) Product malfunctions caused by natural disasters or improper man-made operation.

(3) Self-modification, maintenance and disassembling of the product unauthorized by our company.

(4) Damages caused during transportation due to improper packaging etc.

(5) When the serial number label or temper tab is changed, damaged or lost.

(6) Product serial number mismatch, worn or unclear. Do not send the RMA products described above for maintenance; EKEMP will not be responsible for maintaining or returning them.

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