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Ensure accurate citizenship for the security of national population registration

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By means of modern high-tech prison security system management methods, a complete and easy-to-operate prison integrated access control system is constructed to monitor and manage the prison as an organic whole.


The main business functions of the system include:

Manage the identity of prisoners safely and reliably

Management of visitors in restricted areas such as family visit rooms

Management of activities such as entrance and exit, patrol and attendance of prison staff

The front-end products and system software of the system are easy to operate


EKEMP AFIS/ABIS For Prison Management

It can flexibly choose from a variety of different biometric methods, including fingerprint, iris and face recognition, to accurately identify each person at different stages

Face Recognition

Equipped with face recognizer with higher security level, when passing, the face data of the person will be analyzed and recognized automatically by the camera system of the recognizer to check whether the person has been legally registered and has access authority at this door and in this time period. If the person has been legally registered and has access authority, he will send a command to open the access door, otherwise, he will refuse to pass and send an alarm signal.

Visitor Management

In the prison visitor management system, all visitor applications are digitized, the second-generation ID automatic identification system is used, and the manual approval is upgraded to electronic approval. At the same time, it is integrated with the access control system, and the system automatically controls the process of visitor access.

Alarm System

If the door is opened abnormally or the door is not closed after overtime, the prison security system will send out sound and light alarm information, and lock all doors at the same time, which can not be opened in any way. After the prison guard on duty handles the alarm event, it can be unlocked through the management system.

System Feature

Biometrics Data Capture


Fingerprint, Iris, Signature Capture

Prisoner Information Manager
Immediate Access to Information about the Number of Offenders and the Use of Facilities
Visitor Management
Case Management, Tracking and Reports for Courts
Medical Facilities Management
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