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Live Finger Detection Technology to Crack Fake Fingerprint

Fingerprint has the characteristics of "uniqueness and invariability for life". Because the repetition rate of fingerprints is extremely small, about 1/15 billion, it is called "human ID card". With the in-depth development of biometric technology, fingerprint identification technology is more and more widely used in the field of commercial applications.

However, the use of counterfeit fingerprints has attracted more and more attention. Since fingerprint residues are easy to capture from the objects we contact everyday, if we don't pay enough attention, someone can capture and copy your fingerprint and use it for malicious purposes.

The Deception of Fake Fingerprints

It is reported that the fingerprint is pressed on a soft rubber mold for 5 minutes. After the mold is formed, some clay is pressed on the mold to form a fingerprint mold. After that, the fingerprint mould is pressed on the fingerprint sensor. The first one didn't succeed, but after a few more attempts, you can successfully verify your identity.

In fact, the hacker fingerprint sensor can be more simple, even without my cooperation. Fingerprints are actually very easy to extract. For example, fingerprints can be extracted from wine glasses, mobile phone screens and so on, just like those in science fiction movies.

Live Finger Detection (LFD) Technology to Crack False Fingerprint

EKEMP's M8 biometric tablet integrates Suprema's optical fingerprint scanner, which brings outstanding performance in detecting false fingerprint attacks through advanced live finger detection (LFD) technology. It can not only capture impeccable fingerprint images, but also distinguish whether they come from living fingers or forged deception. LFD technology enables optical fingerprint scanners to detect false fingerprint attacks made of rubber, clay, film, rubber, paper, silicon and other materials.

Live Finger Detection Technology

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