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You Are Welcome to Meet EKEMP Team in Cape Town, South Africa in May 2024

EKEMP is proud to announce its presence at ID4AFRICA from 21 to 24 May 2024 at the International Convention Centre 2 in Cape Town, South Africa. Booth number D04.

As Africa's only ID4D-focused international event, ID4Africa 2024 aims to unite stakeholders and drive progress in digital public infrastructure, with a primary focus on promoting trust, inclusion and adoption of digital identity solutions across the continent.

EKEMP works to foster inclusive dialogue among stakeholders, including governments, civil society, development actors and the private sector. The company recognizes the importance of addressing risks associated with digital identity systems and implementing effective mitigation strategies. EKEMP aims to contribute, through participation, to discussions on trust, inclusivity, user experience and responsible digital identity implementation (including data protection and privacy).

At ID4Africa 2024, EKEMP will showcase its latest secure identity registration and authentication solutions. EKEMP's innovative solutions feature state-of-the-art biometric terminal hardware and digital identity technology to provide robust measures to protect identity and ensure security.

“We are excited to be a part of ID4Africa 2024 and contribute to the advancement of digital identity solutions in Africa,” said Gabriel Chen, Sales Director at EKEMP. “We believe that secure and inclusive identity systems play a key role in driving sustainable development and empowering individuals. EKEMP is committed to leveraging our expertise to support ID4Africa’s goals and promote innovation in digital identity across the continent.”

EKEMP invites you to its booth at ID4Africa 2024 to explore its cutting-edge solutions and interact with its team of experts. By participating in conferences and expos, EKEMP aims to foster collaboration, share knowledge and contribute to the adoption of digital identity in Africa.

For more information on EKEMP and its participation in ID4Africa 2024, please contact us.

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