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The Differences Between Biometric Fingerprint Tablet and Ordinary Tablet

Ordinary tablet computers and biometric fingerprint tablets are all electronic devices with touch recognition LCD screens, wireless network communication functions and Android operating system, but ordinary tablet computers are mainly used for daily entertainment and office, and are compatible with various application software. Its own requirements are not as high as biometric tablets.

The biometric fingerprint tablet can be equipped with multi-function modules (fingerprint scanner, contact/non-contact card reader and iris scanner), with high performance to meet the needs of various identity verification projects. This tablet is also optimized with on-site friendly operations, such as high operating speed, long-lasting battery life, and reliable fingerprint capture in direct sunlight. This type of computer can be used in a complex and harsh operating environment, which has very strict requirements on the equipment itself. The equipment itself must have good three-proof functions to meet the three-proof requirements such as waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.

biometric fingerprint tablet

M8 is a biometric identity authentication fingerprint tablet intelligently customized by EKEMP, which is an industry-specific product specifically for mobile identity authentication. The product adopts Android 8.1 intelligent operating system, integrating fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, ID card reading, QR code scanning, high-definition camera and other functions in one. It can be widely used in public security, finance, transportation, education, social security and other industries to meet the needs of industry users in fingerprint collection, ID card reading, iris recognition and other aspects.

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