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Police ID Card

Registration & Issuance


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Police ID cards play a vital role in the work of law enforcement officers. These documents not only allow the public to identify police officers, but also ensure the true identity of the person holding the ID card. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the security of identity cards and the rapid verification of identity information.


As a high-tech company specializing in the research and development of secure identity solutions, EKEMP is committed to providing the most accurate biometric devices and high-security solutions to support law enforcement to work smarter, faster and more securely.


EKEMP Biometric Card Solution for Police


Card Design & Printing

5 Important Security Features Every Police ID Card Should Have


◆ Chief Signature

The signature of your department supervisor adds credibility to your ID cards program.

◆ Text overlay

Placing text, such as “issue or expiration date” over the semi-transparent image makes tampering attempts much more difficult.

◆ Department address and phone numbers

The identification should clearly display a phone number that can be used to confirm the officer’s identity and credentials. Return address to use in case the badge is misplaced.

◆ Department or Town Seal

The seal and/or watermark version can be easily uploaded and incorporated into your department's police ID template.

◆ Physical characteristics and important medical information

Back of the card can display officers’ medial information, personal details, fingerprints, emergency contacts and barcodes.






Card Perso Machine

Import feeder, Vision system,

Chip Encorder for ID cards, Barcode scanner,

Laser Module , Vision quality control unit

and ID Card output stacker available.


· Single or Dual Side Printing

· Lamination Module Optional

Key  Features

Data Safety

EKEMP has a strong back office to protect personally identifiable information to prevent fraud.


EKEMP provides personalized solutions for seamless integration of various platforms and systems.

Muilti-Modal Biometric

EKEMP’s TIIS includes full biometric functionality for multi-modal

biometrics elements: fingerprint,

facial image, and iris.

Automation & Efficiency

EKEMP allows full automation of the ID card personalization process, guaranteeing optimum production cycle and maximum efficiencies.

Training & Supports

EKEMP has an strong technical team with detailed support range from maintenance training, operation training, knowledge transfer etc.


Quick Identity Registration Process


Biometric Devices for Police ID Card


EKEMP provides high-quality biometric devices that can easily and effectively identify and verify identity information, keeping all data secure and enabling positive identification.™-series.png

Rugged Biometric Enrollment Tablet

More optional configurations, more powerful performance

The instant card printer works wirelessly with the tablet.​​


Biometric Registration Kit VigoBOX II

More optional configurations, more powerful performance

The instant card printer works wirelessly with the tablet.​​


Built for Professonal 
Secure Identity Application 
in Chanllenge Conditions

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