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Biometric Identity Management System (BIMS)

The biometric identity management system has a centralized database that can be used to merge and check the identities of all sites in real time. The system operates in a wide range of environments, infrastructure and connectivity conditions, and can operate in situations where Internet availability is weak or non-existent.


BIMS protects, preserves and anchors personal identity to ensure the continuity of identity over time and the entire operation. Because the registered personal information will no longer be lost or the individual will no longer register multiple times with different names, this reduces the means of identity fraud and other false statements. BIMS is a multi-modal recognition system, it can combine fingerprint, iris, face and other biometric methods to establish a globally available biometric record. The use of multi-modal systems can provide more complete and accurate population coverage.

Biometric Identity System

Biometric identification includes biometric enrollment and biometric verification, which relies on the following processes: real-time capture, template extraction and template comparison.

Biometric Enrollment: For the person's biological characteristics, collect, extract the characteristics and generate a template. Then, store this template in the database of the biometric system.

Biometric Verification: To ensure that each person in the database is unique, the ID system can use biometric identification to perform repeated biometric registration checks. This involves comparing templates generated from captured biometrics with all templates or a subset of templates stored in the biometric database to detect duplicate registrations (1:N match), and then adding the new template to the database.

biometric identification management system

System Advantages

Biometric data such as fingerprints and iris cannot be stolen or copied, which means higher security.
Quickly obtain biometric data.
The acquisition of biometric data is easy to use, less invasive and convenient.
Since different biological characteristics will be scanned, it is more accurate than a single recognition mode.
Cloud-based biometric technology is faster than traditional biometric technology.
Reduced management time and accurate working time calculation.
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