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Biometrics For Immigration

EKEMP Biometric Immigration System

With the advent of globalization and continued immigration, immigration regulation has increasingly involved border security. Biometric immigration management systems are an effective way to control foreign visitors in border areas. The EKEMP biometric management system is an integrated system for passenger data collection and counter-terrorism measures. The use of biometric terminals has considerably reduced the pressure on the work of the immigration bureau, improved the efficiency of border control, ensured the security and convenience of cross-border migration, and provided greater transparency in the bureau's implementation of immigration regulations.

The EKEMP biometric immigration management system is used to manage the flow of passengers at airports, seaports and border crossings. The system is capable of identifying and recording discriminative features such as fingerprints, irises, or facial recognition. It also determines if there has been any shift in the traveler's status or nationality, allowing the National immigration service to impose strict immigration controls. In a rapidly changing global environment, it is necessary to enhance our ability to meet this challenge by increasing the level of security. The use of biometric scanning technology provides us with additional opportunities for significant collaboration with different governments.


Biometric Devices for Immigration


To address these challenges, certain nations and regions are considering the implementation of innovative technologies such as biometrics or digital IDs to enhance transparency and compliance in immigration processes while mitigating the risk of identity fraud. EKEMP provides state-of-the-art biometric equipment that seamlessly and efficiently authenticates and verifies identity information, ensures data security, and facilitates accurate identification.™-series.png

Rugged Biometric Enrollment Tablet

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Biometric Registration Kit VigoBOX II

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immigration management

Secure Biometrics
Identify False Identities


Biometrics provide reliable identity verification by comparing unique traits against databases to detect identity fraud and unauthorized entry.

 Biometric data aids in tracking individuals, identifying visa violations, and supporting effective enforcement actions.

Biometrics help prevent security threats by confirming the authenticity of documents and ensuring that individuals are who they claim to be.

Biometrics provides self-service options, eliminating the need for paper-based processes and enhancing the travel experience.

Biometrics automate identity verification, reducing manual checks and minimizing lines at immigration checkpoints.

The standardization of biometric data promotes collaboration among countries, strengthening border security and information exchange.

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