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Biometric Vehicle Registration Management System (BVRMS)

In today's vehicle management landscape, the increasing risk posed by organized vehicle theft and trafficking presents significant challenges to transportation management and enforcement authorities. Strengthening the security of certificate files is critical to address this issue. Not only does it allow police to effectively identify tampering with vehicle registration documents, it also increases public trust in documents that establish legal ownership.


In order to meet these challenges, EKEMP's Biometric Vehicle Registration Management System (BVRMS) integrates to solve the pain points of vehicle ID cards, license plates, tax stickers, etc. in the transportation industry, enhances system security, improves work efficiency, and improves processes and transparency in money management. By leveraging advanced biometric technologies, BVRMS can ensure accurate identification, reliable tracking and streamlined operations, ensuring credibility and accountability for transportation management and law enforcement.

EKEMP-biometric-vehicle-registration-management-system (BVRMS) -enhancing-security-efficiency .gif

Key  Features

Vehicle title registration and life cycle management

Vehicle theft and loss tracking

Multimodal biometric registration system

Personalization and distribution management

Tax and fee management system for different types of vehicles

Label and other inventory management

Biometric Registration Kit


EKEMP-biometric-vehicle-registration-management-system (BVRMS) -enhancing-security-efficiency -kit

Vigobox II

EKEMP-biometric-vehicle-registration-management-system (BVRMS) -enhancing-security-efficiency -kit II


Fingerprint Scanner

HD Camera

Iris Scanner

Document Scanner

Signature Pad

Receipt Printer

Instant Card Printer

4G Dongle

Solar Panel

Power Station

All-In-One Biometric Tablet






Receipt Printer

Instant Card Printer


Solar Panel

Power Station

Vehicle Card,License Plate & Tax Sticker

Vehicle Card

​The EKEMP biometric terminal can collect and store unique biometric data, such as fingerprints or facial features, to establish a secure and reliable identity verification process for vehicle owners.

EKEMP-biometric-vehicle-registration-management-system (BVRMS) -enhancing-security-efficiency -card.png
EKEMP - Biometric Vehicle Registration Management System (BVRMS) - Enhanced Security Efficiency - License-Plate-Registration.png

Tax Label

By incorporating biometrics, tax tags can be linked to vehicle-specific data, ensuring accurate tax collection based on factors such as vehicle type, fuel efficiency and mileage.

License Plate

Biometric features can be integrated into license plate management and issuance systems, enabling real-time tracking, automatic identification of stolen vehicles, and effective law enforcement.

EKEMP - Biometric Vehicle Registration Management System (BVRMS) - Enhanced Security Efficiency - tax-label.png



Enhanced Security​​​

 Biometric authentication can significantly reduce the risk of identity theft, fraud and unauthorized access, ensuring that only authorized individuals can operate the vehicle.

Simplify Operations

Automating the biometric verification process saves time, reduces errors and improves operational efficiency for vehicle access and enforcement of regulations.

Biometrics can ensure accurate tax collection based on vehicle-specific data, reducing opportunities for tax evasion and facilitating compliance with regulations.

Improving Compliance

Biometric-enabled license plates facilitate real-time vehicle tracking, help identify stolen vehicles and support law enforcement efforts.

Real-time Tracking

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