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biometric student management software for school

Biometric School Management System

Biometric Student Management Software for School

Identifying and verifying student identity is one of the important functions of the school. The traditional manual recording of each entry is very time-consuming, and the recording takes up valuable space. The biometric system provides an easy-to-use fingerprint or iris biometric solution, making it easier to record student attendance, absence and storage records.

Biometric School Management System can Help Simplify School Operations

The implementation of biometrics in all aspects of the school can reduce the time spent in various processes and greatly improve daily operations, including student registration, attendance, exam etc.

Student Registration

At the time of enrollment, the students' biological characteristics are recorded in the school management software, and the student identity is established. Biometric access control is implemented in some areas, which can be easily implemented by students with just a few clicks. A centralized approach to biometric solutions is convenient while granting or denying access to specific areas / facilities.


The attendance system with biometric recognition function can completely replace the manual attendance system. Biometric recognition methods (such as fingerprint, iris recognition) can be used to automate the attendance system. With the help of the attendance system with biometrics enabled, it can easily track and report students' lateness, early leave and absence.


Identification and certification of students are provided during the examination. Attendance and absence can be tracked and reported without manual checking of student ID or number of students. Students can be asked to scan their biometrics and then mark attendance and attendance immediately and effortlessly.

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