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Biometric Pension System

Many countries have adopted biometric solutions in their national plans to prevent identity fraud. It reduces the cost of many large government programs in health care, social welfare and pension distribution plans. For the government, it is very convenient for the government to run the program smoothly and establish a reliable system for the people.


Pension is an important factor of personal income after retirement. There are many technical errors in the current pension distribution system, and a lot of money is spent every year. What's more, pensions are not distributed perfectly to eligible people. To solve this problem, we provide biometric devices to easily and quickly authenticate retirees. We provide high-quality fingerprint scanners and iris scanners to effectively authenticate retirees. Our biometric devices simplify the process for pensioners, which will greatly benefit pensioners and reduce unnecessary logistical barriers.

Biometric Devices for Pension


H5 Biometric Terminal

The H5 brings a state of the art capability for biometric enrollment, verification, and identification. 

  •  FBI Certified Suprema Fingerprint Scanner

  •  Iris Scanner Available

  •  Built-in Contact/Contactless Card Reader

M8 Biometric Tablet

The tablet M8 is equipped with versatile modules with high capability for various identity project needs.

  •  FAP20 500DPI Suprema Fingerprint Scanner, Live Detection

  •  Iris Scanner Available

  •  Barcode Scanning Supported via Camera

Biometric Devices are Reliable

Because everyone has a unique fingerprint, the use of fingerprint scanning equipment can make pension fraud impossible. In order to ensure safety, the iris recognition function is also used.

Accuracy – biometric devices provide a competitive level of accuracy. Biometric devices are highly accurate due to the use of unique features such as fingerprints, faces, palms, sounds, irises or retinas.
Speed - because its work is fully automatic, it doesn't require a lot of people to work. These devices can work at high speed and save us valuable time.
Don't need to remember – if you're using biometric devices, you don't need to remember any passwords or passwords because you're the password yourself. There is no biometric code and no one else can turn on your device.
No fraud – when biometric devices are used, the likelihood of fraud is very low or almost zero. Because it is not possible to replicate these biometric devices.
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