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Biometric Management System for Library

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Biometric Management System for Library

Biometric Library Management System Workflow

User Registration

User Authentication

Library Resource Management

Reporting & Analytics

Biometric Devices for Library

To address these issues, some countries are considering adopting new technologies, such as biometrics or digital ID cards, to improve the security and functionality of soldier ID cards while reducing the risk of forgery and fraud.

EKEMP provides high-quality biometric devices that can easily and effectively identify and verify identity information,

keeping all data secure and enabling positive identification.™-series.png

Rugged Biometric Enrollment Tablet

More optional configurations, more powerful performance

The instant card printer works wirelessly with the tablet.​​


Biometric Registration Kit VigoBOX II

More optional configurations, more powerful performance

The instant card printer works wirelessly with the tablet.​​


Simplify the WayLibrary Systems Operate


The system seamlessly integrates with existing campus attendance management systems and big data systems, eliminating the need for separate databases and streamlining management procedures.

Integration With Other Systems

The EKEMP biometric system uses fingerprints and facial recognition to quickly and accurately authenticate students without the need for a physical library card.

Fast and Accurate Identification

In contrast to traditional card-based systems, biometric systems offer a cost-effective solution. While there is an initial investment, it eliminates the on-going costs of card production and distribution.

Cost-saving Solutions

Biometric authentication provides accurate data for better library book borrowing management.

Enhanced Data Management 

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VigoBOX™ II Biometric Enrollment Station

​The EKEMP Biometric Library Management System revolutionizes traditional card-based library management by introducing biometric authentication. Card systems, while widely used, have inherent drawbacks such as being time-consuming and prone to problems such as card loss or unauthorized use. To overcome these challenges, EKEMP has developed a customized biometric library management system that ensures fast and accurate authentication, ensuring that only authorized users can access the library and borrow the permitted number of books.

The benefits of the EKEMP biometrics system are not limited to authentication. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates into all aspects of library operations, providing enhanced functionality and simplifying administration procedures. By utilizing facial or fingerprint scanning technology, the system can quickly and accurately identify library users. This eliminates the need for physical library cards and reduces the possibility of identity fraud or unauthorized access.

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