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Football League ID Cards Issuance System


EKEMP Biometric  for Player Card Issuance

In the fast-paced world of professional football, efficiency, accuracy and safety are essential elements for any league. One area where these factors play an important role is the release of player cards, which are crucial for identifying, tracking player statistics, and maintaining the integrity of the game. Traditional card issuance systems have their limitations and are often prone to errors and security breaches. The breakthrough solution, however, came in the form of EKEMP biometrics.

The EKEMP system simplifies administrative tasks such as tracking player attendance, managing disciplinary actions, or monitoring player performance. This centralized, automated approach saves the league time and resources and allows for efficient management of player-related data.
The EKEMP Biometric Football League Card Issuing System improves accuracy, enhances security, simplifies the administration process and enables efficient player management, addressing the difficulties faced by traditional card issuing systems in today's football leagues.


Enhanced Security

Biometric data such as fingerprints or iris scans are unique to each individual, making them virtually impossible to fake or manipulate.

Simplified Registration Process

By scanning biometric data, players can quickly register their cards, eliminating the need to manually enter data and reducing the chance of errors.

Real-time Authentication

By integrating biometric scanners into access points, stadiums and training facilities, the system can instantly verify a player's identity.

Efficient Tracking & Statistics

By linking a player's biometric data to their card, the system can automatically and accurately record actions such as goals, assists, yellow or red cards.

Identity Management Platform

Card Design 

◆ Biometric Authentication: EKEMP cards use biometric technology, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, to ensure a player's identity is secure and accurate.

◆ Tamper-proof Design: The EKEMP card features a tamper-resistant design that combines various security features to prevent unauthorized modification or cloning.

◆ Data Synchronization: The EKEMP cards are linked to a central database, allowing player information to be seamlessly synchronized.

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Card Perso Machine

Import feeder, Vision system,

Chip Encorder for ID cards, Barcode scanner,

Laser Module , Vision quality control unit

and ID Card output stacker available.


· Single or Dual Side Printing

· Lamination Module Optional

Biometric Football League Card Issuance System

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