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Biometric Examination System

Biometric Access Control System for Exam

Identity authentication and verification is a very important part of the exam. The traditional verification is to compare the photos on the ID card, which is very time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the error rate is also high. To address this, teachers and proctors need to find an innovative way to validate students and better monitor exams.

The solution starts with updating the technology. EKEMP biometrics identity verification system can be customized for classrooms, with advanced FAP45, fingerprints can be recognized even with sweaty hands;Combined with cameras in classrooms, it can also prevent cheating and better monitor exams at scale. The system is completely touchless and easy to integrate into any classroom management strategy.


Basic Process of Biometric Examination System

Student Information

Fingerprint Authentication

Examination Room


Designed to Provide an Efficient Examination System


Biometric technology minimizes impersonation or cheating by leveraging unique physical characteristics to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the exam system.

Enhanced Security

By simply scanning a fingerprint or using another biometric method, students can quickly and easily verify their identity, which simplifies the check-in process.

Time Efficiency

With biometric authentication, it becomes extremely challenging for an individual to impersonate someone else or use unauthorized means to obtain an exam.

Deterrents to Cheating

Biometric systems can maintain an audit trail by recording an individual’s biometric data during the inspection process.

Audit Trail

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To tackle these challenges, certain educational institutions are contemplating the adoption of novel technologies such as biometrics or digital identification systems to enhance the transparency and equity of student examinations while mitigating the risks associated with fraudulent substitutions and cheating.


EKEMP offers top-notch biometric equipment that effortlessly and efficiently authenticate identity information, ensuring utmost precision and reliability.Ensure the utmost data security and facilitate accurate identification.™-series.png

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