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Card Issuance System for Party Members


Biometric Card Issuance System for Party Members

Traditionally, the issuance of party membership cards has relied on manual processes that are prone to errors, delays and potential security breaches. These processes often involve collecting and verifying personal information such as names, addresses and identification numbers, which can be time-consuming and prone to human error. In addition, relying solely on physical ID cards can lead to issues such as loss, theft, or unauthorized use of the card.
In an era when efficiency and security are paramount, the EKEMP system provides unparalleled protection against identity fraud and unauthorized access. The system's advanced encryption protocols and secure database management further enhance the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information.
By implementing the EKEMP biometric party membership card issuance system, political organizations can optimize their operations, significantly improve security measures and increase trust among their members. This innovative solution marks a key step towards a more efficient and secure future for Party membership management.​



Simplify the Process

The EKEMP system simplifies the issuance of party member cards, reduces the manual verification process, and improves efficiency.

Accurate Data

Biometric identifiers ensure a high degree of accuracy in member records, minimizing errors and discrepancies.


The implementation of biometrics can modernize the operation of political parties, in line with technological advances and digital transformation.


The EKEMP system is designed with the convenience of users in mind, providing a simple and intuitive experience for party members during the card issuance and certification process.

Composition of Party Member Card

Card Design 

◆ Biometric Reference: The party membership card contains a section or chip that stores a unique biometric reference of a Party member, such as a fingerprint, iris pattern, or facial features.

◆ Security Features: To prevent forgery and unauthorized copying, Party Member cards incorporate various security features such as holograms, watermarks or embedded security chips.


Card Perso Machine

Import feeder, Vision system,

Chip Encorder for ID cards, Barcode scanner,

Laser Module , Vision quality control unit

and ID Card output stacker available.


· Single or Dual Side Printing

· Lamination Module Optional

Important Details of System Deployment

EKEMP Turn-Key Solution (1920 x 1920 像素) (演示文稿 (169)) (6).png

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