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EKEMP Provides Biometric Time Attendance System for the High Education Department of Azad Jammu & Kashmir in Pakistan

28 / 12/ 2018


Biometric system Used in Pakistan- Azad Jammu & Kashmir


Teacher absenteeism is a serious problem in public schools, especially in remote and rural schools. So the government decided to change the traditional education system and introduce a biometric system, a move aimed at ensuring the attendance of teachers and other administrators.

The biometric attendance system is a combination of software and equipment, whose main purpose is to store, manage and analyze data.

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EKEMP Cooperated with the High Education Department of Azad Jammu & Kashmir in Pakistan


EKEMP and Azad Jammu & Kashmir worked together on Pakistan's 2018 education reform project.

EKEMP provides biometric handheld terminals for biometric attendance systems to ensure fairness and impartiality in educational work.

After the introduction of the biometric attendance system, teachers must go to the biometric machine to punch in their fingerprints when going to school in the morning and after school in the afternoon to prove their attendance on that day.


In addition, the head of the school department said that salaries will be paid based on the data on the biometric terminal, and teachers who are late will be deducted for hours of absence and given a pay cut; those who perform better will be rewarded.

The introduction of biometric attendance system will improve the lives of students and will enhance the quality of education at AJK.

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