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The Application of Biometric Authentication Technology

Biometric authentication technology refers to an identification technology that identifies an individual's identity through individual characteristics or behavioral characteristics. Biometric authentication technology involves a wide range of content, including fingerprints, palm prints, human faces, iris, finger veins and other biological features. The identification process involves image processing, computer vision and other technologies. At present, as an important intelligent identification technology, biometrics is widely used in law enforcement, finance, attendance, medical care and other fields.

biometric authentication technology

Law Enforcement

Automatic fingerprint recognition is the process of automatically comparing one or more unknown fingerprints with the database. Law enforcement agencies mainly use automatic fingerprint identification systems as tools to identify suspected crimes or to distinguish criminal suspects from other unresolved cases.

AFIS(Automated Fingerprint Identification System) is a biometric method that uses digital imaging technology to acquire, store and analyze fingerprint data. AFIS was originally developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for criminal cases.

Biometrics is also widely used in prisons and prison management. Biometric authentication technology provides a modern solution through which the prison administration, public safety departments and the government can manage the identity of prisoners safely and reliably.


Biometric identification of time attendance is recognized by the use of human biological characteristics. As long as a person’s finger, hand support, and face are placed on or facing the reader, it can be recognized very conveniently and can prevent the phenomenon of clocking in on behalf of the person, and realize personnel attendance data Automation of the collection, data statistics and information query process improves the management system of enterprises and schools.


The increasingly mature biometric technology has been widely used in the financial industry. Identity verification helps to make banking and account management more secure, convenient and responsible. In particular, the safety and convenience of human body characteristics that cannot be copied, cannot be lost and forgotten, are loved by users. Nowadays, the common biometric technologies in the financial industry are fingerprint recognition and face recognition.

Medical Insurance

With the improvement of the application level of the hospital management information system, the use of biometric technology (fingerprints) to integrate the current hospital management information system is also a current application trend. Exercising the advantages of biometrics in inspections, electronic medical records, etc., will ultimately achieve huge benefits in medical, economic, and social aspects.

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