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The Advantages of Biometric Identification System

biometric identification system

With the development of information technology, social management has become increasingly electronic and automated. In such a huge social network system, system security is very important. Accurate identification of personal identity is a necessary prerequisite for the security of each system. At present, most of the various management in our country use certificates, magnetic cards, IC cards and passwords. These methods cannot avoid forgery or loss, and passwords are also easy to be stolen or forgotten. All these bring great inconvenience to managers and users.

Biometric identification system can avoid these troubles. Therefore, biometric technology has become a research hotspot in the field of identity authentication. Biometric technology mainly refers to a kind of technology of identity authentication through human biometrics. Human biometrics usually have the characteristics of uniqueness, measurability or automatic identification and verification, heredity or lifetime invariability. Therefore, biometric authentication technology has greater advantages than traditional authentication technology.

The biometric identification system samples the biometric features, extracts the unique features and converts them into digital codes, and further forms these codes into feature templates. As the cost of microprocessors and various electronic components continues to decline and the accuracy gradually improves, biometric identification system is gradually applied to the authorization control in business, such as access control, enterprise attendance management system security authentication and other fields. Biometrics used in biometrics include hand shape, fingerprint, face shape, iris, retina, pulse, auricle, etc. behavioral features include signature, voice, key strength, etc. Based on these features, people have developed a variety of biometric technologies, such as hand shape recognition, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, pronunciation recognition, iris recognition, signature recognition and so on.

Biometric identification system has the following advantages:


Human characteristics are the best proof of personal identity, and meet higher security needs. Each person has different biological characteristics and cannot be easily lost, forgotten, copied and embezzled.


Biometrics do not need to remember passwords and carry additional tools (such as keys and cards), and will not be lost.

Accurate identification

Multi mode biometric recognition ensures 100% accuracy.

Easy to use

Usually it takes a simple scan or photo.

Difficult to forge

Biometric properties are almost impossible to forge or steal.

Save time

Biometric recognition is very fast, and one can be identified or rejected in seconds.


Biometric system can be very flexible and easy to expand.

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