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Biometric for the European Entry-Exit System

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Biometric Solutions for the European Entry-Exit System (EES)

The EU Entry and Exit System (EES) is one of the targets of the European security and Migration Agenda, focusing on border management, crime prevention and combating terrorism. Standardised checks at border checkpoints will ensure that all countries in the Schengen area closely adhere to the same security guidelines. 

The entry and exit movements of all persons who do not enjoy the right to freedom of movement in the EU (third country nationals) will be registered and the corresponding (biometric) data will be stored in a unified automated IT system. A secure portal will allow TCNs to check their remaining authorized stay time. EU-EES aims to establish a single registration system for all third-country nationals crossing the Schengen border,this will allow border agencies to access and process passengers in a centralized manner, while more efficient screening and faster detection of missing applicants will already help them prevent crime.

EKEMP is a leading provider of high-quality biometric solutions for EES enrollment. Through our expertise in biometrics authentication, we will provide secure solutions. Our biometrics solutions are designed to help border authorities quickly and easily deploy EES systems and provide them with a wide range of services, including secure registration, issuance and verification, while providing the best user experience.



The biometric terminal is easy to carry and move. Improve the efficiency of the EES and help modernize the management of EU external border crossings.

The uniqueness of biometrics helps EES combat illegal alien identity theft and misuse of travel documents.

Security assurance, top-of-the-line anti-spoofing technology and best-in-class biometric capture and matching system.

Automatic border checks for third-country nationals.

Assist in the identification of third country nationals who are ineligible or no longer eligible to enter the EU.Reduce illegal immigration.

Biometric terminals can assist EES law enforcement regulatory compliance in the prevention, detection and investigation of terrorist activities.

Biometric Registration Kit


EKEMP-biometric-vehicle-registration-management-system (BVRMS) -enhancing-security-efficiency -kit

Vigobox II

EKEMP-biometric-vehicle-registration-management-system (BVRMS) -enhancing-security-efficiency -kit II


Fingerprint Scanner

HD Camera

Iris Scanner

Document Scanner

Signature Pad

Receipt Printer

Instant Card Printer

4G Dongle

Solar Panel

Power Station

All-In-One Biometric Tablet






Receipt Printer

Instant Card Printer


Solar Panel

Power Station

Biometric Process for the European Entry-Exit System(EES)

The biometric technology enrollment process includes fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, facial recognition, and additional biometric information authentication options.

Passengers place the e-passport on an NFC reader, which reads biometric data from the passport's integrated chip.

The biometric terminal will collect the verified information and enter it into the EES system, and the border guard law enforcement will check the authenticity of this data through the back-end server (EES) system.  Reduce identity theft.

Border guards view the EES back-end servers to assist in the identification of third-country nationals who are ineligible or no longer eligible to enter the country.  reduce illegal immigrants.

Biometric Football League Card Issuance System

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