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Biometric Workforce Management System

Biometric Attendance Management System


A workforce management system is a must for any organization or company. Due to the inaccuracy of these systems, those manual registration entries, and clock-in times have disappeared, making it almost impossible for companies to determine when employees arrive and leave. Now, the use of biometric attendance system can easily maintain the daily attendance of employees, which perfectly solves this problem.


EKEMP's device M8 is efficiently coded using sophisticated algorithms and can be applied to manage day-to-day employee attendance and track the attendance of individuals entering or leaving the premises, the best part is that it provides accurate identification as the software system will respond quickly and track attendance within the clock.

What is the attendance management system?

The attendance management system involves biometric technology and solves the problems related to employee attendance. The attendance system provided better and productive results and quickly gained widespread popularity. Biometric fingerprint time and attendance systems track where employees are or when they are available. A system that records the user's fingerprints or other biometrics before use, and then uses an app in the device to automatically record entry and exit times. It is a time and attendance tracking application that is useful for organizations that require employees to be physically present, construction sites, retail spaces, and healthcare sectors require an employee presence in the organization.


Biometric tablets time and attendance systems are even more necessary when there are multiple overlapping schedules. It helps avoid payroll disputes as there is no chance of payroll errors. Maintained attendance records are automated and accountable.


Attendance Management

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Filtering & Search

Export to CSV,XLS or Print

Attend Via Fingerprint

See Your Employee Data

Show Data as Datatables

The advantages of attendance management system

Multi-system integration

Accurate employee identification

No chance for any proxy to attend

Fast and accurate data retrieval

The attendance system is integrated with the payroll system. It is easy to view employee punch-in data in the background, and pay salaries to them accurately, saving human calculation costs.

Biometric time and attendance software provides the required accuracy in employee identification. Simply set up the device in the appropriate way, then update the system with biometrics such as fingerprints, iris scans, and more to accurately identify employees.

In the card-based time attendance system, there is an opportunity for proxy attendance, which is not the case in the employee attendance system. Because biometrics cannot be replicated, employees cannot clock in without another colleague.

Biographical data search engine allows fast and accurate data retrieval. Based on the records on the attendance system, managers can search for employee data, absences, leave, etc.

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