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Biometric Enrollment Unit

High Quality Biometric

Electronic Signature

Super Battery

Reliable Capture Experience


​Rapid enrollment and intuitive software
​Dashboards and alarms are available
​Multi-biometric capture: fingerprint, iris, signature
​Easy modification of the enrollment workflow
​Rugged design, two-tone plastic case, IP65, water and dust resistance, drop resistance​
​Clear and easy to use interface
​High quality biometric data capture
​Ensure the best quality photos for printing
​Various interfaces enable a wide range of deployment capabilities
Large-capacity battery, replaceable, supports High-speed charging
HD camera
Android/ Windows
Multifunction Scan

Reliable Capture Experience

Quality and biometric data are major factors affecting the future. This is based on the fact that with extensive experience in biometric verification and elections, EKEMP has a better understanding of ensuring the quality of biometric data at enrollment time.

All-round Customization Plan

Since each customer has a specific use case and each project is unique, there is no single multi-purpose enrollment solution.  A tailor-made scheme can be built to meet the client's information enrollment needs and project application environment.


National ID 
Voter Registration
Border Control
Refugee Aid
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