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Biometric Cross-border Travel

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Biometric Cross-border Travel Convenience System

The globalized world of the 21st century has witnessed the rapid movement of people, goods and travel services. That means relying more on the efficiency and effectiveness of border controls-both at the ports of entry and exit and during transit. EKEMP relies on experience gained from global projects to provide solutions for the development and implementation of border control systems and secure border management checks. These solutions include secure border control systems using biometric terminals.

At EKEMP, we provide connectivity for e-passports and e-passport scanners. They provide interfaces, logistical structures and software modules for related peripherals such as federal police forces and government agencies. Transit travelers entering and leaving the city can scan their passports in seconds and bring their biometrics to identify them. The EKEMP biometric system combines a scanner and user interface to provide efficient features such as data protection while ensuring rapid processing of biometric scans. EKEMP software offers countless possibilities, from plausibility checks to matching existing database entries.

​Process of Border Control System for Cross-Border Travel

Our solutions for passenger processing at all points of entry, including biometric capture, identity verification, and document and visa screening, are configured for portability - giving border agents the flexibility to operate at border crossings.

Simplify immigration controls at all points of entry and the entire process of processing passengers, including biometric collection, identity verification and document and visa checks.

Once connected to the database, users can set up a portable solution for all situations, including travel, transit and immigration data collection.


Biometric mobile terminals help reduce the workload of border guards and facilitate flexible operations.

The screening and identification capabilities of biometric systems facilitate the rapid detection of false and duplicate identities.

Integration with ID cards and e-passports is suitable for identity authentication schemes in multi-server and multi-gateway environments.

Distinct biometric identification methods to improve passport security and customs clearance efficiency.

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