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Biometric Management in Campus Gate 

Biometric Access Control System 


The management of the school gate is generally managed by security personnel. This method has certain security risks, such as chaotic management, and it is easy to  allow some outsiders to mix in due to human negligence. Although many school gates  now use the traditional card-swiping method to enter the campus, the problem of many students losing their cards also poses certain security risks to the campus managemen t.


In order to better strengthen the management of campus security, prevent outsiders from entering, and provide students with a safe and comfortable learning and living environment, EKEMP has launched a campus entrance and exit face recognition access control system solution.


After using this solution, when students enter the campus, they do not need to swipe their cards to open the door, but only need to swipe their faces on the face recognition device to enter and exit, which can not only solve the cost problem of the school card, but also do not have to worry about the safety problem after the card is lost. The safety factor of the campus has been improved  to the maximum extent.

Scool Gate Access Control Hardware Configuration

1. Install a computer server in the management center to manage all devices and generate record queries

3. Install the intelligent door guard system (face capture camera + comparison analysis box) at the exit of the gate

2. A personal identification verification terminal is installed at the entrance of each gate for access control

4. The guard room is equipped with a visitor machine for ID verification (visitor registration)

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