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Refugee & Humanitarian

What is the Refugee Identification System?

The management and distribution of refugees can be critical in refugee assistance.​​ Many refugees have difficulty communicating for both verbal and physical reasons. The EKEMP biometric solution can help refugee management organizations perform more efficient refugee aid distribution and refugee identity management.


The EKEMP solution connects the Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (ABIS) to multiple locations to record and identify refugees. These systems can store and match biometric fingerprint data at a central location. Organizations define identities and identities, and the cross-validation and identification capabilities generated by biometric technologies such as face iris and fingerprint recognition can quickly help us identify refugee information. During the subsequent support process, triage and assistance can be provided without error.

EKEMP Biometric System Advantages

EKEMP provides the highest quality fingerprint and iris image capture and refugee registration.

EKEMP's Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (ABIS) is a state-of-the-art fingerprint identification system.

EKEMP designed a system based on blockchain technology to monitor the food and supplies of refugees. The system can be adapted to the specific needs of a community or organization.

Steps to Identify Assistance at UNHCR

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Use the biometric terminal to register information and number of people.

Screening and comparison should be carried out after the collection is completed to prevent omission and repetition.



Once identifying information is determined, donated food or clothing can be distributed appropriately.

Retrieve materials according to the number of people and needs.



Arrangements can be made to notify refugees to receive food at a suitable time and at a fixed location.

The house is planned according to the number of people, only authorized personnel can enter the house.



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