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National ID

Ensure accurate citizenship for the security of national population registration

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Over the last few years, national identification card programs have been launched in many countries around the world and currently, receiving a national identification card containing a unique number and biometric identity profile is required in more than 100 nations.

In most cases the purpose for issuing these national identification cards is:

  • Growing security problems around the world leading to more frequent requests for proof of identity

  • Bridging the ‘identity gap’ because formal identity is a prerequisite for development

  • Increased efficiency in disbursements through identity verification of beneficiaries and increased transparency in the transfer process.

national ID card system


EKEMP's AFIS System for national ID card systems ensures quick and accurate results with proactive and timely service


A National ID Card System provides capturing of biometric data. Relevant biographic and biometric data obtained from fingerprints, face and iris can be captured and stored.

Approval/Data Check

Scanned biometric data will be matched against a database - if it is already registered. The applicant’s identity is checked and compared with blacklists, and duplicates.


After the application, data passes an approval process - it is transferred to the personalization database. The process may include: 1. Personalization 2. Data Preparation 3. Quality Check.

System Feature

Biometrics Data Capture


Fingerprint, Iris, Signature Capture

Duplicate Checking allows users to find and cleanse duplicate entries with the synchronized database 
ANSI/SEC/ISO/FBI/NIST/MINEX certified AFIS matching system
Rapid installation and can run in any windows operating systems
1:N matching system in standard EKEMP AFIS server with proven millions per second matching speed 
Multiple matching server supports speeds up the matching process for any scale of database to adopt
System compatible with handheld or portable devices (Armadillo) upon API integration
fingerprint image quality determination, which can be used during enrollment to ensure that only the best quality fingerprint template will be stored in the database
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