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Biometric Management System for Library

Biometric Management System for Library

Traditional library management is the card system, but this system is time-consuming, for students easy to lose or buddy usage. In order to solve it, EKEMP introduced biometric and customized biometric library management system, it ensures it can quickly complete the authentication to ensure the right user and obtains the permitted number of books. Biometric systems also provide more functionality.

Biometric library Management System can Help Simplify Library Operations

Biometric systems are used in all aspects of the library, facial or fingerprint scanning simplifies library management procedures, such as fast and accurate identification,integrate with other systems.

Fast and accurate identification

Students stand in front of an EKEMP biometric device, and through fingerprint and facial recognition, the system accurately authenticates them. Facial recognition, combined with an RFID system that tags each book, enables an automated system where students can walk out of the library without revealing any identity, and the RFID reader reads the book ID at the same time.

Integrate with other systems

Library management systems can be integrated with campus attendance management systems or other big data systems to provide additional advantages. Many campuses already have a biometric attendance system that can be integrated with library systems without the need to create a separate database, which also saves a lot of procedures.

Saving costs

Whereas traditional card systems, card making, distribution and re-enrollment incur fees, biometric authentication requires only an initial cost. They are cost effective in the long run. Fingerprint authentication is the most common and cost-effective solution in library management.

Better manage statistics

Schools are large and libraries need better data management. Biometric authentication provides accurate statistics that aid library book lending and improve operational efficiency.

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