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Biometrics For Immigration

EKEMP Biometric Immigration System


With the advent of globalization and continued immigration, immigration regulation has increasingly involved border security. Biometric immigration management systems are an effective way to control foreign visitors in border areas. The EKEMP biometric management system is an integrated system for passenger data collection and counter-terrorism measures. The use of biometric terminals has considerably reduced the pressure on the work of the immigration bureau, improved the efficiency of border control, ensured the security and convenience of cross-border migration, and provided greater transparency in the bureau's implementation of immigration regulations.

The EKEMP biometric immigration management system is used to manage the flow of passengers at airports, seaports and border crossings. The system is capable of identifying and recording discriminative features such as fingerprints, irises, or facial recognition. It also determines if there has been any shift in the traveler's status or nationality, allowing the National immigration service to impose strict immigration controls. In a rapidly changing global environment, it is necessary to enhance our ability to meet this challenge by increasing the level of security. The use of biometric scanning technology provides us with additional opportunities for significant collaboration with different governments.

System Feature


Safe And Secure Biometrics

Above the Clouds

Express Entry and Exit System

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Identify False Identities


Highest Safety Technology

Through our robust biometric border control system, the National Immigration Service captures and verifies additional biometric information upon arrival of tourists as needed, reviews compliance with visa regulations, collects travel service statistics and more.

 Check your visitor visa status through our biometric back-end system; Or tell them how long they can stay and that their visas are expiring.

Biometric systems can be used to identify and verify identity at border control gateways, enabling users to cross borders quickly and easily while streamlining the immigration transit process.

Robust biometric system to provide simple border control configuration and border management services. Prevent terrorists, refugees who evade visas and illegal immigrants from entering the country.

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