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EKEMP Biometric Driver's License Management Solution

Driver's License Problems

The driver's license management industry faces significant challenges related to the widespread use of driver's licenses as a means of identity recognition. The flexibility and convenience provided by driver's licenses make them an attractive target for identity fraud, requiring robust verification systems to maintain the accuracy, security, and integrity of personal data. Additionally, differentiating individuals among the millions of license holders registered in existing databases is a major challenge. The industry also faces the issue of unqualified individuals obtaining driver's licenses, requiring a comprehensive and reliable solution to prevent such incidents. Therefore, a powerful and reliable system is needed to ensure the integrity of driver's licenses and prevent identity fraud.

EKEMP Biometric Driver's License System

​The EKEMP driver's license management solution provides secure contactless and ultra-secure cards with both contactless and contactless interfaces. In addition, EKEMP offers a comprehensive solution for driver management and registration, document issuance and inspection, and license hosting services. The EKEMP automated multimodal biometric identification system (ABIS) is a leading solution for identifying individuals using biometric credentials. ABIS offers face/fingerprint recognition algorithms capable of handling thousands of queries to identify duplicates on existing driver's licenses and IDs. ABIS has a strong track record in multi-modal biometric technologies that effectively prevent driver's license duplication and fraud.

In addition, the EKEMP biometric driver's license system includes a driver's license management module that allows various transactions related to driver's licenses. The module enables individuals to apply for current licenses, renew licenses, create records for lost, stolen or frayed licenses, update personal information, and use mobile license verification for custom licenses. The system's features make it an ideal solution for governments and organizations seeking to enhance driver's license administration capabilities, ensure the accuracy and security of personal data, and prevent identity fraud.


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EKEMP Biometric Registration: From the time the personal data of the applicant is entered into the system, it includes biometric information such as facial and fingerprint recognition.


System Verification: Using ABIS for multi-modal biometric identification, the accuracy and authenticity of the applicant's data is verified by cross-checking with existing government databases.


Driving license issuance: Generate personalized licenses, printed on secure chips or high-security cards with both contact and contactless interfaces.


Driving license Management: Easily manage licenses through the EKEMP license management module, including applying for a current license, renewing a license, updating personal information, creating records for lost, stolen or frayed licenses, and using mobile license verification for custom licenses.


Identification and verification, where biometric data such as fingerprints or facial scans are securely captured and stored, ensuring that driver's licenses are issued to the correct person.

To prevent identity fraud, the uniqueness of biometrics ensures that it is difficult to forge or copy someone else's driver's license because biometric data cannot be copied.

Biometric data as a reliable and secure form of identification reduces the risk of unauthorized access or license tampering.

Simplifying the process, biometric terminals eliminate the need for manual checks and paperwork, reducing administrative burdens and improving efficiency.

Authorities can easily verify the identity of individuals during traffic stops, permit renewals or other interactions, ensuring the validity of permits and improving overall road safety.

Data integrity and privacy The biometric terminal ensures that an individual's personal biometric data is protected and only authorized personnel can access it.

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