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Biometric in Canteen

Biometric Canteen Management System


The manual canteen management software is used to implement a card or coupon system for availing food or meal.  This management system was reasonably tedious as it involves the process of printing cards or coupons, distributing them to the users or students & managing the record of each user. Also, they can easily lose their cards or have their PINs stolen .

EKEMP introduced biometric based on cafeteria management to subdue the complexities of canteen operations, offers a seamless solution to the canteen administration.

Instead of cards,PINs,coupons,tokens can be provided to the useing their fingerprint or iris to verify and authenticate him/her.

Why Biometric Canteen Management System is Crucial?


Based on the large number of schools, canteens managers are looking for error-free, reliable and fast management systems to assist in better canteens facility operations. As a result, biometric-based solutions provide an all-in-one solution to prevent lengthy queues, track guest movements, and provide access control solutions.​


A biometric system can overcome the drawbacks of traditional management systems and eliminate the administrative burden of cash collection and additional billing procedures. Furthermore, the system is designed to meet the customized needs of the organization for smooth and efficient canteen management operations.

The Modern Canteen Management system


Personal Information



Verification succeeded




Biometric enabled to quickly authenticate users

Reduce or eliminate long lines at canteen and improve service quality

Transparent canteen management, simplifying data processing operations and billing processes

Designed to provide a hassle-free dining experience

Easy-to-use and convenient biometric devices

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