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Biometrics For Border Control

EKEMP Border Management Solutions

Passport check

Traveler enrollment

As globalization deepens, countries must strike a balance between maintaining efficiency and security at their borders. EKEMP's biometric technology can provide a complete identity and access control system for border management, facilitating border enforcement without the need for additional personnel. The authentication platform supports multi-factor authentication to ensure user biometric security.

​EKEMP biometric technology allows passengers to check in at any terminal, speeding up customs clearance for passengers and visitors. Biometric data scanners for tracking travel documents eliminate false identities and duplicate information. Integration with Interpol and other organizations facilitates international investigations of illegal travel documents.

The EKEMP identification system ensures the identity of individuals entering or leaving a country, helping Border Patrol agents track criminals and organize illegal immigration. Automated border security identity screening systems can use iris scans and fingerprint recognition to confirm a traveler's digital identity, verify citizenship and identify criminals.

Criminal background screening at the border

EKEMP Border Control Workflow

EKEMP Border Control Advantage


​The e-passport has an embedded chip that can be scanned into the passport to verify identification.


Control measures to facilitate the entry and exit of passengers in border management.



Identifying passengers can effectively prevent smuggling and illegal cross-border activities.

​Mobile biometric terminals that are portable and have long standby times.


Duplicate data-level matching based on a probabilistic matching algorithm that interpolates all demographics for a multi-task environment.

Multi-modal biometrics support including fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, facial recognition and additional authentication options.


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