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EKEMP Biometric License Plate Registration and Tax Stickers Management Solution

Challenges Facing the Industry

​Today, with rapidly improving productivity, license plate registration management and post-tax management systems face multiple pain points and challenges, including manual processes, lack of standardization, fraud and identity theft, limited technology adoption, data privacy and security, and customer service issues. To address these challenges, EKEMP has adopted the latest biometric terminal technologies, including digital recording of registration information, online portal and mobile application. Process improvements, enhanced customer service and standardized regulations have been implemented to create a more efficient, secure and user-friendly system for license plate registration and tax administration.​

Biometric License Plate Registration Management System

The Vehicle Registration Module is an essential component for license plate registration management, including owner registration of private and commercial vehicles, vehicle registration and renewal, registration of plates, stickers and permits, and tracking of stolen and scrapped vehicles. EKEMP provides multi-domain solutions to enhance license plate registration management, such as facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and retinal scanning technologies. These advanced solutions ensure that only authorized individuals can verify their identity to submit a registration application or privately collect license plates, thereby preventing fraud.

The EKEMP biometric solution also alleviates pain points in vehicle tax administration, including lack of transparency, manual processes, inaccessibility, fraud and corruption. EKEMP provides clear and verifiable records of every taxpayer payment, automates manual processes, and can be deployed in multiple locations to integrate with other government systems.​

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Biometric License Plate Registration Management System

EKEMP Biometric Registration: From the time the personal data of the applicant is entered into the system, it includes biometric information such as facial and fingerprint recognition.

System Verification: Using ABIS for multi-modal biometric identification, the accuracy and authenticity of the applicant's data is verified by cross-checking with existing government databases.

Driving license issuance: Generate personalized licenses, printed on secure chips or high-security cards with both contact and contactless interfaces.

Driving license Management: Easily manage licenses through the EKEMP license management module, including applying for a current license, renewing a license, updating personal information, creating records for lost, stolen or frayed licenses, and using mobile license verification for custom licenses.


The EKEMP biometric system ensures accurate data verification.

Automated vehicle registration, licensing, taxation.

Provide electronic driver's licenses, registration cards.

Prevent copying, counterfeiting via multi-modal biometrics.

Valuable for public transport, tolls, insurance, taxes.

This helps deter illegal activities and improves overall traffic management.

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