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E-Passport System

EKEMP Biometric E-passport System

EKEMP provides the most advanced e-passport solution that can be used for border crossing around the world under any conditions, it more accurately verifies the identity of passengers and increases the convenience and mobility of airport and border security, while maintaining the highest level of privacy and security.

What is an E-passport

E-passport is an international travel document with identity details such as passport number, name, surname, nationality and birthday, as well as an electronic microprocessor chip containing data such as fingerprints, photos and signatures. E-passport is a new type of biometric passport, which contains all the information provided in traditional passport. It aims to simplify the workflow of passport inspection. Compared with traditional passport, e-passport is more effective in preventing passport fraud.

All passports that are biometric need to have a symbol indicating the same on the front page. The symbol is similar to the one in the picture below:


Steps for Automatic Authentication Using E-passport at Border Control:


A biometric terminal's smartphone camera can be used to scan this biographic data on page 2 of the passport from the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ).


Passengers put their passport on the NFC reader to read the biometric details stored on the passport integrated chip.


The server on the back end checks the authenticity of this data.


The system then contacts the server to match the face captured by the camera with the image of the passport holder's face obtained from the integrated chip. If the two images match, the user is considered authenticated.

border control system.jpg


Allows the smooth flow of passengers instead of time-consuming manually manned immigration check counters.
First and accurate identification of travelers and effective border crossing.
Provides highest level of security and traveler privacy protection.
Automated check in to any airport/ border without physical contact.
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