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Warehouse Management


Use mobile and wireless warehouse inventory management technologies to manage physical inventory in real-time and reduce the number of workers required for conducting cycle count. Direct access into your WMS on ruggedized mobile computers, coupled with ergonomic and intuitive scanning technology, helps you streamline inventory control processes to not only meet regulatory demands but those of your customers as well.


Our solutions for Cycle Count and Inventory Management help you better manage inventory levels and product mix within your warehouses and distribution centers by ensuring you and your employees have access to accurate information at all times.

Streamline Inventory Management Processes
Physical inventory can be accounted for via more regular cycle counts, which require fewer workers and less time to complete. This pays dividends from both a regulatory and an end customer order fulfillment perspective.

Reduce Shrinkage and Loss 
Undesirable issues with shrinkage and loss within your warehouses and distribution centers can be mitigated by leveraging the power of barcode scanning and rugged mobile computers tied back into your WMS.

Enhance Accuracy Without Delay 
Your workers can work faster and provide you with greater visibility into your warehouses and distribution centers by leveraging intuitive technology packaged with innovative form factors.

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